Oinkz (Section 17, Petaling Jaya)



In the area of Section 17’s morning market, pork burgers comes to live in the late evening. Located a street away from the outdoor evening hawker stalls, lies Oinkz (located inside Sin Loong coffeeshop).

I was secretly craving for burgers, and I wanted something non-conventional. Naturally, homegrown non-conventional burger breeds such as  “Burgerlab” and “Burgertory” will pop up, but I wanted something that is a cross breed between their offerings and our Malaysian version of “Ramli” burgers. So here we are today at Oinkz – staying true to their brand name, pork burgers were their main offerings.

We started off with appetizers while we waited for our mains.

Deep Fried Mushrooms (RM5) – Oyster mushrooms fried with tempura.


Bowl O’ Fries (RM5)


“Hambo” (RM12) was on our recommended list for our first visit here. It was made up of pork patty with bacon, eggs, cheese, caramelized onions and fried mushrooms.


“The Chuck Burger” (RM11) is pretty similar to the “Humbo” burger, minus the caramelized onions.


Heat lovers would want to give “aPorkalypseNow” a try. Made up of spicy pork patty with cilipadi, egg and bacon, and topped it off with hot sauce. Love every bite of it, but I’ll definitely request for a spicier version the next time round 😉


You may opt to combine your mains with a set of fries & a drink at RM4, handgloves were provided as well to minimize the mess 🙂

With much ignorance to the calories that comes with the above, it was definitely one of the best cheat meals that I’ve had for the longest time. We love how juicy the patties were, and I was really sad when I was done with half of my burger.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to my next visit. Cheers to awesome pork burgers – priced reasonably 🙂


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