Thirdwave Cafe (Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur)


The coffee from Thirdwave have been widely touted by as being one of the best in KL. They decided to shake the F&B scene a little by introducing an interesting fusion of distinctive ingredients in their offerings – comfortably plotting their spot as one of the must-visit independent eateries in KL for the year.


The roses complimented the bright and spacious space wonderfully. Let’s not forget the nice use of ornaments that gave patrons a nice nudge that Christmas is near 🙂


Big Brekky (RM26) came in the form of two sunny side-up eggs, chicken bratwursts, homemade hash brown, mushrooms, rustic baked beans with tomato salsa.


Darling’s Egg 63 Celsius Eggs (RM22) came in the form of chicken salami, crispy polenta (corn), eggs that were poached at 63 Celsius. The dish was wonderfully complimented with their  house made tomato and french rose sauce, I was definitely not disappointed.


Retro Scotch Egg (RM26) – The runny yolk was wrapped in chicken mince, accompanied by shredded beets, carrots and alfalfa sprouts on a bed of creamy cauliflower.


If you are interested to explore food that strives to push the envelope from the usual brunch offerings, this would be a great place to start. And yes, the coffee is good here 🙂


Unit 1-11, Level 1, Nexus, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



PCLO Cafe (Modvier), Bangsar

Plco (1)

Discovered a quaint outdoor cafe today in Jalan Riong, Bangsar. PCLO Cafe armed with a minimalist, no frills setting, is tucked behind Modvier Boutique; away from the chaos in Telawi area (double awesome!).

plco (3)

Plco (4)

The weather was a little tricky today with the mild drizzle, but thank goodness for umbrellas so all is good! The warm hospitality shown by the PCLO team definitely earned them brownie points for their service level with their small chats & recommendations. We had a free latte on the house (thank you Mr. Barista!), that was an unexpected pleasant surprise 🙂

plco (6)

We had their much raved about Shepherd Pie (RM 6) & Baked Macaroni (RM 9), definitely great for a light munch.

plco (5)

Had my usual Flat White (RM 8). Coffee art lovers (that aint me)would probably be disappointed with the lack of visuals, but the acidity of the coffee has the right kick for me to be happy about.

plco (7)



Food: Hits my personal palate. I’m so going back again (on a sunny day!) to try their churros and brownies. Do note that only light snacks/desserts & drinks is served here.

Price: Slightly below average for the price in Bangsar. An average meal would sum up to < RM 20 (a dessert/snack & drink), definitely a budget friendly hideout.

Service: Excellent, enough said. Keep up the good work guys! 😀

Crowd: Light (probably due to the rain), I believe it would be heavier in the evening/night. Spaces are limited, so I do hope you get one!


(Turn left into the small lane before the Petronas Station, Modvier Boutique is on your right)