China House (Lebuh Pantai – Georgetown, Penang)



Apologies for the long hiatus! It definitely feels good to be back again, and I definitely do have a few places to share, so stay tune!

I’ll start off with the much talked about China House in Georgetown (Lebuh Pantai) Penang. Seeing all those yummylicious cakes on instagram got me itching to try them out. I finally had the chance on my third visit this year with my fellow dessert lovers.


Look at the choices available! Definitely too spoiled for choices.


If you’re up to showcase some creativity, crayons are readily available on each table for your drawing pleasure. Board games are available too, so you’re definitely in for some good laughs and fun!

1. Lime Poppy Seed Syrup Cake (RM 8)


2. Salted Caramel Cheesecake (RM 15) & Tiramisu (RM 15)


3. Nutella Cream Cake (RM 18)


Question: Does it live up to its hype?

Truth to be told, there were some hit and misses. The Tiramisu & the Nutella Cream Cake were a tad disappointing. The flavours and texture for both cakes were lacking for the price forked out for it. But if you’re still in to try this place out, do so for the experience. But please do keep the expectation in check. Cheers guys! 🙂


Address: 153, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang


Penang – Food Tripping (Part 2)

In our food hunt pursuit, we tend to revisit places that we’ve grew fond of over the years. And here are some of them! 🙂

Bangkok Lane’s popular Mee Goreng (fried yellow noodles). Manned by friendly Indian brothers whom is able to converse in fluent hokkien (that can put me to serious shame) in Seng Lee Coffee Shop.

Bangkok Lane

Address: 270 Jalan Burma, Georgetown, 10350 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Penang is widely notable for their Char Kuey Teow (stir-fried rice cake strips), and acclaimed Lorong Selamat’s Char Kuey Teow is often attributed as being one of the best in Penang. However, if you just want to get a decent plate without the crowd, queue and wait; Sister’s Char Kuey Teow (Lam Heng Cafe) is one good alternative. Mind you, the portion is a tad small in comparison to the portion size that we usually get in KL.

(Day 3_1)

Address: 185 Macalister Road, 10400 George Town, Penang.

To beat the blistering heat & haze, a bowl of cendol (shaved ice  served with gula melaka & coconut milk) is always a good idea. One of our favourite stall would be Famous Teochew Cendol in Penang Road. The texture has always been consistent throughout the years, and of course the best way to eat it like a true proud Malaysians – either sitting by the roadside or standing while you devour your dessert off in a couple of minutes 😉

(Day 3_4)

Address: 27 & 29, Lebuh Keng Kwee, 10100 George Town, Penang.

Penang – Food Tripping (Pulau Tikus Market & Kimberley Street)


Our eating adventure for the night started off with Lok Lok (boiled, grilled or fried meat on sticks) at our favourite place in Pulau Tikus Market. Aside from their popular peanut based dipping sauce, chili sauce is also available to heat things up a little.

Address: Jln Pasar, Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang.

Next up, we headed to popular food street – Kimberley Street. Here you will get street food ranging from Duck Koay Chiap (braised duck noodle/porridge) to Char Kuey Teow (stir-fried rice cake strips), and well the list goes on.

However my favourite stall would be this Belacan Fried Chicken (shrimp paste) stall.



This is one place that consistently give us succulent, crispy fried chicken. Probably I should get this again tonight 😀

Dessert was at our usual place – Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert. Popular for their signature Almond Soup – this is one dessert that is really of acquired taste. It may come across as pretty medicinal for some.


I was craving for Lin Chi Kang (Lotus Seed Drink), so I really had to have some.


But it was a tad disappointing for my liking. I was probably comparing this to my favourite in Wai Sek Kai (Chai Leng Park, Seberang) when I had it a few months back in March. By the way, if you in Seberang, the stall is called Hello Kitty Leng Chee Kang 😉

Address: 84 Kimberley St, 10100 Georgetown, Penang.