Lebanhmi (Restoran Hock Hin, Subang Jaya)

I might have a slight obsession with Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) after sinking my teeth in my first one from Obanhmi (Damansara Uptown). It might be a mini quest of mine to continuously hunt for one, even better if it was priced cheaper.


Unexpectedly discovered one today in a neighbouring coffee shop. In an area that I have spent my elementary school years in, I was obviously over the moon today with our discovery.

Similar to the one offered in Obanhmi, the baguette was chewy with a nice hint of crustiness. As we always love our food with a nice kick of spiciness, we requested for chilis to be added in – definitely a great punch to the overall offering paired with grilled pork.


Reasonably priced at RM 6 each, I am already looking forward to my next visit. Paired it with a cup of local coffee, a great meal at less than RM10. How can I not love our Malaysian coffee shops? 🙂


Restoran Hock Hin
44, Jalan SS 19/6, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
(same row as Sri Melur)










Obanhmi, Damansara Uptown


Obanhmi has been on top of my bucketlist for quite some time now.


For the love of bread, how can I not sink my teeth into one of the best Vietnamese sandwiches in Klang Valley?

We had their O BBQ (RM 10.50) that comes in the form of freshly baked baguette served with BBQ Pork, sunny side up egg, home-made mayonnaise, picked carrots & daikon, and of course the famous sweet and spicy Vietnamese chili sauce.


My first bite – was such a wonderful burst of flavours. The pork was not overpoweringly salty and the chili sauce is a real winner – a real wonderful combination. Let’s not forget about the baguette, it was real crispy and chewy; definitely not rock hard.

I honestly can’t stop raving about it, because it was definitely one of the most tastiest things that I’ve eaten this year.


Pair your baguette with a Vietnamese Milk Coffee (RM5) when you order in a set.

Now, I can’t wait for my next visit back 😀



Food: Love it! I can’t wait to try more 🙂

Price: An average meal would cost between RM 15 to RM 20.

Service: Excellent.

Crowd: Medium Heavy. Hence getting a seat during lunch hours might get a little tricky.