Frisson Coffee Bar (Damansara Uptown)


Popped by one of Damansara Uptown’s latest breakfast/brunch openings for lunch yesterday. Bread and eggs seem to be the main focus of their offerings.


Attended by friendly staffs that introduced us to the menu. Price was slightly on the steep price at first glance, we were honestly hoping that the taste would make it up. So, our journey begins.


Scrambled on Oversized Bruschetta (RM18.90). This is one comfort food at its best, absolutely love how the fluffy eggs complimented the bread so well. The bread is a real stand out here.


Croissant Ala Fusion Chicken (RM 24.90) – one of their best seller to date. Spiced chicken prepared along scrambled eggs and tomatoes on Croissant Bread. A unique twist that brought about a wonderful burst of flavours, absolutely love how each ingredient complimented each other so well. I can eat this again.


Cheezy Parmo Omelette (RM18.90) – scrambled eggs with ham alongside toasted bread.


Baked Breakfast in a Pot (RM25.90) – Baked eggs with vegetables, potatoes, carrots, capsicums and brinjals mixed well with tomato sauce and topped with cheese. Like how the overall offering did not come over as overly sour.


Coffee is offered here as well, slightly too burnt for my liking (just a personal preference).

All in all, food is great here ūüôā Top picks will go to Croissant Ala Fusion Chicken, Scrambled on Oversized Bruschetta and Baked Breakfast in a Pot.

Address: 71-G, Jalan SS21/1A, 47400 Petaling Jaya.


√Čcole P, Damansara Uptown


Today’s cafe hop brought to one of the most interesting place that got us really talking about one of our most memorable phrase in¬†life – our days in primary (elementary)¬†school.

√Čcole P Cafe really took their primary school theme seriously. The interior was well thought of, incorporating the best of our childhood memories into this charming space.


Ohyes, how can we not forget the iconic feather duster & “rotan”? That is¬†probably the most memorable feature of every¬†Malaysian¬†primary school goer.




The scribbles on wooden tables took us on the journey where we used to “conteng” (scribble) on our desks; the menu were printed on the exercise books that were formerly used for homework.


Even the tiniest details such as the dictionaries got us talking. It was the exact same one that I used to bring to school every single day – those Chinese Dictionaries sure is thick.

EP (10)

Metal pencil boxes were used to contain utensils, how creative is that? Simplicity at its best.



Photo-happy visitors/Instagrammers would have a field time with the available photo props. Phrases were of course consistent to the theme.


Our adventurous instinct got us kicking real bad today, so we decided to give their Earl Grey Cham (RM 9.90) a go. If you’re a fan of Earl Grey, this would keep you happy. Served old school, loving it.

EP (8)

We had their Earl Grey Chocolate Cake (RM 8.90), like how it didn’t turn out to be too sweet.

EP (7)

They even have childhood treats on sale!

EP (11)

I honestly had to contain my excitement when I saw my childhood favourite treat Nyam Nyam on the counter. Colourful balls dipped in chocolate sauce, it is simple things like this that gives you the best joy in life when we were younger.


EP (12)

It was definitely a great afternoon reminiscing about the good old days. And like how Fall Out Boy sings it: ” Thanks for the memory eventhough it wasn’t so great”. But one thing is for sure – it’s the little things in life that brings great¬†joy.

Have a great week ahead peeps! ūüôā


Food: They have proper food on the menu, so don’t worry about dropping by.

Service: Great. The lady that was serving us certainly delieved an exceptional level of customer service.

Obanhmi, Damansara Uptown


Obanhmi has been on top of my bucketlist for quite some time now.


For the love of bread, how can I not sink my teeth into one of the best Vietnamese sandwiches in Klang Valley?

We had their O BBQ (RM 10.50) that comes in the form of freshly baked baguette served with BBQ Pork, sunny side up egg, home-made mayonnaise, picked carrots & daikon, and of course the famous sweet and spicy Vietnamese chili sauce.


My first bite – was such a wonderful burst of flavours. The¬†pork was not overpoweringly salty and the chili sauce is a real winner – a real wonderful combination. Let’s¬†not forget about the baguette, it was real crispy and chewy; definitely not rock hard.

I honestly can’t stop raving about it, because it was definitely one of the most tastiest things that I’ve eaten this year.


Pair your baguette with a Vietnamese Milk Coffee (RM5) when you order in a set.

Now, I can’t wait for my next visit back ūüėÄ



Food:¬†Love it! I can’t wait to try more ūüôā

Price: An average meal would cost between RM 15 to RM 20.

Service: Excellent.

Crowd: Medium Heavy. Hence getting a seat during lunch hours might get a little tricky.

Epicuro, Damansara Uptown


Had a belated birthday brunch with JJ with the gang today at Epicuro, Damansara Uptown. If you love your pork, this place would be the it place for you (non-halal post ahead).

epicuro (2)     

Securing a place for 9 was an ease, no waiting time for brunch unlike popular eats around the area. I like how bright the place looked, the bright yellow hues of the chairs is such a standout. 

epicuro (4)

We tried their French РPress Coffee (RM 9) of Sumatra Mandheling single-origin coffee, was pretty good.

epicuro (3)

Flat White (RM 10) fell a little flat for my personal preference. However, if you’re not really into pour over¬†coffee with high acidity, this would probably work for you.

epicuro (7)

We had their Pulled Pork Sandwich (RM 16.90) with sunny side up egg. I like how the sauce worked well with the meat (which was tender), it helped to balance out the saltiness of the pulled pork a little. Generally, pulled pork would be salty, so be prepared for it. But overall, it was great. 

epicuro (10)

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 18.90). Now, who can resist a pork bacon infused carbonara, topped off with poached egg? We definitely cant!

epicuro (11)

However,¬†if you’re looking into a¬†rich and creamier base¬†carbonara, this would probably fall below your expectation. A richer sauce would suit our palate a little better (personal preference).

epicuro (8)

Conchiglle in spinach cream (rm 19.90). The pasta came in the form of shell shaped pasta in spinach cream sauce with bacon bits & sunflower seeds (I like how it felt like im eating a healthier version of carbonara *self-denial mode on*). Again we would prefer the cream to be thicker.

epicuro (5)

Fish & Chips (RM 18.80). We like the breaded fish fillet with special fries. I personally like how minimal the fish batter was, and their special fries –¬†which¬†tasted similarly to¬†curly fries.


Food: Some hit and some area of improvement. However I believe they would continue to improve & innovate as they go along in establishing their maturity in the area.

Price: Consistent to the price market set in Damansara Uptown. An average meal would sum up to RM 30 РRM 40 (a main dish & drink).

Service: Good. The wait stuff were attentive to our needs. 

Crowd: Light to medium. Wouldn’t be much a problem¬†securing a seat during the day time.