Flingstones Cafe (SS15, Subang Jaya)


Looking set to differentiate themselves in the cafe scene in Subang with their artsy details (read: pretty tiles and interior) is new entrant Flingstones Cafe.


Located strategically in front of Taylor’s College, it will not be long before it becomes a regular hangout for students in that area. Again it may be a double-edged sword, everyone knows about the infamous jam in that overly congested area. Weekends may be a good idea for cafe-hoppers.

Coming back to the interior, the pretty abstract tiles will be a sure Instagram worthy hit.


Details that would perk your interest.


Solitude time with art is readily available with their high tables.


At the moment, only drinks (coffee and non-coffee) and cakes (ie: gula melaka cake) are available. A pretty decent cup of latte goes at (RM 10).


Address: Jalan SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya.


Ante Kitchen & Bar (Publika, Kuala Lumpur)

Spent the first night of 2015 at Ante Kitchen & Bar over a real pork feast, and it was a real good one to start off the year!

Located on the ground level of Publika, Ante is an all day dining cafe/restaurant offering brunch right up to dinner. Business was definitely booming that night, seems that the place would be buzzing during the weekends/public holidays for dinners. Reservations is recommended if you are going in groups.

(p/s: please pardon the bad lighting, it is really time to get a flash)


We started off with Chunky Mushroom Soup (RM 13), and 2 salads.


Wild Funghi Salad (RM 24), made up of a variation of sautéed butter mushrooms.


But the real winner in the salad category would be this Garden Duck Salad (RM 25). Served with smoked duck slices along with grilled marinated watermelon cubes, which was then tossed with their special brandy orange reduction sauce. Personally I am not a fan of duck, but this one sealed the deal for me.

Then came the much-anticipated pasta, something that I have been looking forward to try when I knew about this appointment.


The “Real Bacon” Carbonara (RM 28). Served in real creamy carbonara sauce with streaky pork bacon, it definitely lived up to our expectation.


A unique twist to their pasta offering is this Char Siu Curry Cream (RM 32). Sweet pork belly on curry linguine along with oyster mushrooms and eggplants. It does taste as good as it looks 🙂

Then came the meat.


Pork Diane (RM 38) is their take on the classic French dish – Pork Loin pan-seared with mushroom and wine sauce, then served on a bed of roasted potatoes and green peas.


The Hogger Pork Ribs (RM 89) came in the form of charcoal grilled ribs glazed with their house-made BBQ sauce. The meat was real tender and succulent, this was one real enjoyable ribs for sharing.


Crispy Pork Knuckle (RM93) is their 1kg special, oven roasted until it was real tender with cracking skin to boot. It takes almost 8 hours of preparation time for this dish to be served.

We ended our night on a sweet note with their Bailey Dark Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu and Vanilla Mille Crepe. The latte is great here as well.


I am definitely glad we came here for our first dinner for 2015, it sure was a real good feast. Not forgetting the company as well 😉

Address: A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Souka Bake Shop (ss15, Subang Jaya)


A nice new entry into the Ss15 cafe scene in Subang would be Souka Bake Shop. A spin-off from a bake shop in TTDI (beside & connected with Mukha Cafe), specializing in desserts (cakes, scones, pies,  you name it). Definitely a place to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Lovely use of interior – with the play of brown and white ; this space definitely took center stage. Clever use of windows (and white) really brightened up the space, much thanks to the abundance of sunlight coming in.

But really the main attention – and only attention should be the desserts.


There is more behind the counter space, such a feast to the eye. But really, it was a difficult moment for me. Too many choices, but where do I start?


This is what we ended up with – along with a Latte (RM10) & Long Black (RM7)


So I’ve decided not to fall into my peanut butter trap today (yes I am still into it, and it is still my mission to try all the peanut butter cakes that I have cross path with). So here is the Coffee Cake (RM10) that I fell in love with, today, a nice spin to an old-fashioned butter cake with coffee frosting.


So here’s a look at their Chocolate Mint Cupcake – I hope it is making you drool 😉

Now, I’m already thinking of my next visit. Can’t wait to try the rest of the sweets out! 🙂

Address: No. 53 JALAN SS 15/5A, Subang Jaya (same row as Rakuzen)



Kaffeinette Cafe (SS15, Subang Jaya)

Taking advantage of the lighter traffic in ss15 on a public holiday (if only this was an everyday scene), our food trail took us to one of the latest cafe invasion in ss15. If Nasi Lemak hits a soft spot, and Village Park in Damansara Uptown seems like a hassle to wait; this place would be a good option to explore.


Definitely loving the pop of colours that comes with the interior.


Bread takes center stage with this interesting piece of display, and I just can’t get my eyes off it.


The star – Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM 9.50). Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk with Ayam Berempah (Malay spiced Fried Chicken), delectably crunchy. Hands down a real satisfying meal.


Fusing local and western cuisine, bagels are on the menu as well (yay for bagel lovers!). This came in the form of chicken ham topped off with cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs (RM 12).


Flat White goes at RM10. Personal preference would prefer one of higher acidity 🙂

But all in all, if you’re looking for a quiet place to chill over a plate of Malaysian goodness, this is it. There you go! Another place to check out or tick off when you’re in the area 🙂

p/s: Cakes are available too!

Address: 25G, Jalan SS15/8B, Subang Jaya

(same street as Brewyard, Cosan Coffee and the market)

The Brew Houze (The Strand, Kota Damansara)


It’s always exciting to discover a hidden gem, and I found mine today at The Brew Houze. The journey here was honestly a pain with the ongoing traffic diversion and construction work in the area, but the trip was definitely worth it. From the service to the food, it had been a real pleasant one.


The pop colour on the wall in the shade of yellow – is such a mood lifter, or probably I am just a fan of yellow walls and interior 🙂

Special mention have to go to the waiting staff and owner, whom graciously explained the coffee beans that they had to offer; even recommending us to try both roast (medium and dark) so we could have a better understanding of the taste and character of the beans.


Flat White – Dark Roast (RM10); easily differentiated with a darker shade while delivering a slight mocha aftertaste.


Flat White – Medium Roast (RM10); comes in a lighter shade and milder aftertaste.


Houze Fish & Chips (RM17)


  Egg Benedict on Turkey Ham (RM16), a pretty yum delivery!


Chicken  Cordon Bleu.

Which was a special feature today on the menu. It was a good thing that we gave it a try, because it was really flavourful! Nothing can go wrong with breaded fried chicken with ham and cheese 🙂


We just had to try a slice of their Houze Cheesecake (RM13), which we saw was being freshly delivered during our stint there. Glad we were not disappointed because it was a really good one with their Oreo like crust.

YES – iF you’re thinking of giving this place a go! And I do hope that you’ll have a pleasant visit like we had 🙂


Address: The Strand, 19-G & 19-1, Jalan PJU 5/21, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly (Millennium Square, Petaling Jaya)


Coffee and cakes were on mind, but all I wanted to do was to get away from the crowd. Hence my beloved neighbourhood, TTDI and Bangsar were out of the list. So here we are, at a quaint little discovery in Petaling Jaya – Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly (phew such a mouthful, but the place is enough to charm you over).

Discovering a new place is always an exhilarating feeling (especially if it is hidden), and the fact that it was located in Millenium Square was a pretty new revelation that the place existed (guilty as charged). And we were glad that we were not disappointed.

We were greeted with warm smiles and greetings when we walked in. A place cosy enough to have a pleasant time catching up over good coffee and cakes.


A pretty good cup of Flat White (RM9) and Raspberry Chill Cheese Cake (RM10).


Peanut Butter & Banana Cake (RM10). It would probably be my mission to try every peanut butter cake that I can get my hands on. But this time around, the raspberry cheesecake was a winner for me.

So here you go, a place definitely worth a visit when you’re around the area. Cheers! 🙂


Address: G-005 Ground Floor, Millenium Square, Dataran Millenium PJ, Jalan 14/1 Petaling Jaya.







LewisGene (Solaris, Mont Kiara)

September is definitely a month of birthday celebrations for our group, which also spells for more exploration of food (and cafes).  Tucked in Solaris of Mont Kiara (approximatley 5 minutes drive from Publika Shopping Gallery), here we are today at LewisGene to try their brunch offering.


Price for coffee is on the steep end. On a personal preference, coffee here was pretty dissapointing (rather low level of acidity).

L(1)Wild Honey Iced Latte (RM18.90)

L(2)Cappuccino (RM 11.90)


Cafe Mocha (RM 12.90)

The Mocha was a saving grace. Apart from the pretty impressive visual, the chocolate was pretty flavourful.

Food wise, pretty mediocre for our preference. All platter were served with a side of salad.


Breakfast Platter (RM 17.90)


Pancake Platter (RM 18.90)


Croissant Breakfast (RM 14.90)


Chicken Panini (RM 24.90)

On a side note, credits have to be given to the serving crew for their attentiveness in their service level  🙂

Address: Lot 2-1(first floor) , Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.