Ante Kitchen & Bar (Publika, Kuala Lumpur)

Spent the first night of 2015 at Ante Kitchen & Bar over a real pork feast, and it was a real good one to start off the year!

Located on the ground level of Publika, Ante is an all day dining cafe/restaurant offering brunch right up to dinner. Business was definitely booming that night, seems that the place would be buzzing during the weekends/public holidays for dinners. Reservations is recommended if you are going in groups.

(p/s: please pardon the bad lighting, it is really time to get a flash)


We started off with Chunky Mushroom Soup (RM 13), and 2 salads.


Wild Funghi Salad (RM 24), made up of a variation of sautéed butter mushrooms.


But the real winner in the salad category would be this Garden Duck Salad (RM 25). Served with smoked duck slices along with grilled marinated watermelon cubes, which was then tossed with their special brandy orange reduction sauce. Personally I am not a fan of duck, but this one sealed the deal for me.

Then came the much-anticipated pasta, something that I have been looking forward to try when I knew about this appointment.


The “Real Bacon” Carbonara (RM 28). Served in real creamy carbonara sauce with streaky pork bacon, it definitely lived up to our expectation.


A unique twist to their pasta offering is this Char Siu Curry Cream (RM 32). Sweet pork belly on curry linguine along with oyster mushrooms and eggplants. It does taste as good as it looks 🙂

Then came the meat.


Pork Diane (RM 38) is their take on the classic French dish – Pork Loin pan-seared with mushroom and wine sauce, then served on a bed of roasted potatoes and green peas.


The Hogger Pork Ribs (RM 89) came in the form of charcoal grilled ribs glazed with their house-made BBQ sauce. The meat was real tender and succulent, this was one real enjoyable ribs for sharing.


Crispy Pork Knuckle (RM93) is their 1kg special, oven roasted until it was real tender with cracking skin to boot. It takes almost 8 hours of preparation time for this dish to be served.

We ended our night on a sweet note with their Bailey Dark Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu and Vanilla Mille Crepe. The latte is great here as well.


I am definitely glad we came here for our first dinner for 2015, it sure was a real good feast. Not forgetting the company as well 😉

Address: A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Le Pau, Kuching (Sarawak)

 Lepau (1)

Hello from East Malaysia! 🙂

I’m so excited to be back in Sarawak, but this time in Kuching to try out their local delicacies! My girlfriends and I are lucky enough to have one of our former uni mate – Sarah to bring us around 😀

Dinner tonight was at Le Pau that serves up authentic traditional Sarawakian Orang Ulu & Dayak dishes in the heart of Kuching.

Lepau (3)

They have tables both indoor and in the open as well.

Lepau (2)

We had their Tempoyak Chicken (RM15). Chicken cooked with fermented durian; love how the slight hint of durian teased our taste buds.

Tempoyak Chicken

Pangsuh Chicken (RM10). Chicken prepared with lemongrass and cooked in bamboo – tender till the bone. Definitely one of my favourite dish for the night!

pangsuh chicken

Terung Dayak (RM8).


This species of brinjals (eggplants) are widely grown in Sarawak. This dish tasted pleasantly sour and harder than the usual brinjal that we consume back at home; however the locals are used to this version. Definitely a whole new different experience.


Food: Had an overall great experience here!

Price: The price of food here is definitely lower than it is in KL. Approximately RM 15 – RM 20 per person for 4 dishes.

Service: Good.

Crowd: Low for a weeknight.

Can’t wait to share more on the local food here in my next post! 🙂